Monday, June 13, 2016

The MCAdventureCity Forum


I have had a forum for TubeCraft and The Asylum (Formerly CityTeam) for a while now, but have not been using it. I am trying to change that. I ask you, please sign up today at Thank you.

Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Coming Back:!!!!


First I would like to say Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). I hope you are having a wonderful day today! However though, let's get down to business.

On June 27, 2013, I launched a website called LEGOData and Inventories. It was Designed to be a Reference site for all things LEGO. It would change a lot over the next ten months, but due to my time being occupied by Minecraft, I abandoned it in April 2014, four months after changing the name to for legal reasons (aka to comply with the LEGO Group's Fair Play policy). would go unmaintained for more than a year, and the hosting plan expired in June 2015.

However, six months later, I am proud to announce, as my Christmas Gift to you, the relaunch of UltimateBrickReference. I have been working on the Database actively since October, and have added nearly 1,000 sets so far. I am going to launch with the old design around Summer 2016, but plan to develop a fully functioning, responsive design by Spring 2017. For Development Updates, please watch the site's blog at

See ya soon!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

MCAdventureCity News: 10/1/2015

Hello, and at long last, Welcome to the October 1st edition of the MCAdventureCity News!


Very Unstable 1.8 version 0.6.0 is coming soon, with updates, and maybe some new stuff!

FreedomCraft has begun development. I am currently working on developing a modlist for the initial version and downloading the mods.

Super top secret new CityTeam pack coming soon!

"Player, you are the first of a new breed, a new age of Modded Minecraft. Welcome to this new world, where the possibilities are nearly endless and longevity is key."

-Temporary tagline for the top secret pack

Coming Spring 2016

Saturday, August 8, 2015

MCAdventureCity News: August 8, 2015

Welcome to MCAdventureCity News!! Here I will discuss Updates on the Youtube channel, the CityTeam, and other things related to me.


Sorry for the lack of videos recently, my internet has been acting up again.

Modpacks (Personal)

I am currently beginning work on several individual modpacks.

List of them:

  • FreedomCraft - Multi Launcher pack (FTB, ATL, Technic) with a large variety of mods.
  • OPCraft - Extremely OP Modpack, basically Big Dig for 1.7.10 lol
  • Ultimate Adventure - Adventure and RPG based Pack with a few other mods. Main focus: Nevermine 2 and DivineRPG
Also, an update for one of my existing packs:

  • Very Unstable 1.8 version 0.5.0 coming soon: ProjectE, VeinMiner, CustomNPCs, and Journeymap! 

Modpacks (CityTeam)

I am going to talk with the CityTeam about Starting an FTB style line of Modpacks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Today is a big day for the world of MCAdventureCity. I have a new thing to announce, so, let's get Right into it!


Remember CoolTech? That mod that was released when it didn't have any features? Well, it has a sequel in the works. It is called AdvanceTech!


Are you tired of most Tech mods because they are too easy, or imbalanced, or have no infrastructure? Do you play Gregtech or RotaryCraft a lot? Want a mod like Gregtech or RotaryCraft that has actual infrastructure, but is flexible with RF, EU, and other power units? Well AdvanceTech is for you. It will have several Tiers of technology, machines, and ore processing. All this content will be explained in an In-Game Manual. By the end-game, you should have 10x ore processing, a mass storage network that is compatible with and connected to AE2, and an automated system for everything. There will be so much more content than that too!!

AdvanceTech: Coming as a beta release around Late 2015 to Spring 2016.

MORE INFO COMING SOON, plus development updates!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Back!!

Sorry that I haven't been using this blog lately. I will try to use it more often.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Makuta's Army (Bionicle Alternate Storyline) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Toa and Glatorian moved forward with their plan. 

"Hey bone-heads, get over here!"

The Skrall turned to see Gresh pointing his air blades directly at them. Bursts of air shot out of them, Dragging the Skrall towards him, Ackar, and Kiina.

"You will not succeed!" Yelled one Skrall.

"Oh, and why is that so?" wondered Kiina, as she clashed blades with another Skrall.

"You'll see," said the Skrall.

10 more warriors came out of the darkness, surrounding the three Glatorian. Ackar shot fire from his sword into the air, to alert the Toa. "I hope they get here in time."

"Ackar's in trouble! Let's go!" said Tahu.

The toa took off running, but Pohatu's mask let him go the fastest.

The Leader of the group of Skrall picked up the Mask of Life. "Oh, great Kanohi Ignika, revive the master of shadows, Makuta." he said. Then, energy started to crackle in the air just as Tahu and his team arrived.

"No," said Tahu.

"He lives!! He lives!!" yelled the Skrall leader as the shape of  Makuta's old body formed in front of him.

"Oh no," said Pohatu.

The Master of Shadows stood there, prepared to destroy the Toa.