Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Today is a big day for the world of MCAdventureCity. I have a new thing to announce, so, let's get Right into it!


Remember CoolTech? That mod that was released when it didn't have any features? Well, it has a sequel in the works. It is called AdvanceTech!


Are you tired of most Tech mods because they are too easy, or imbalanced, or have no infrastructure? Do you play Gregtech or RotaryCraft a lot? Want a mod like Gregtech or RotaryCraft that has actual infrastructure, but is flexible with RF, EU, and other power units? Well AdvanceTech is for you. It will have several Tiers of technology, machines, and ore processing. All this content will be explained in an In-Game Manual. By the end-game, you should have 10x ore processing, a mass storage network that is compatible with and connected to AE2, and an automated system for everything. There will be so much more content than that too!!

AdvanceTech: Coming as a beta release around Late 2015 to Spring 2016.

MORE INFO COMING SOON, plus development updates!

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