Friday, August 29, 2014

Makuta's Army (Bionicle Alternate Storyline) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Toa and Glatorian moved forward with their plan. 

"Hey bone-heads, get over here!"

The Skrall turned to see Gresh pointing his air blades directly at them. Bursts of air shot out of them, Dragging the Skrall towards him, Ackar, and Kiina.

"You will not succeed!" Yelled one Skrall.

"Oh, and why is that so?" wondered Kiina, as she clashed blades with another Skrall.

"You'll see," said the Skrall.

10 more warriors came out of the darkness, surrounding the three Glatorian. Ackar shot fire from his sword into the air, to alert the Toa. "I hope they get here in time."

"Ackar's in trouble! Let's go!" said Tahu.

The toa took off running, but Pohatu's mask let him go the fastest.

The Leader of the group of Skrall picked up the Mask of Life. "Oh, great Kanohi Ignika, revive the master of shadows, Makuta." he said. Then, energy started to crackle in the air just as Tahu and his team arrived.

"No," said Tahu.

"He lives!! He lives!!" yelled the Skrall leader as the shape of  Makuta's old body formed in front of him.

"Oh no," said Pohatu.

The Master of Shadows stood there, prepared to destroy the Toa.

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